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Thursday, March 4, 2010


A Very Unique & Underrated Song, "Resentment" is a Victoria Beckham Cover; and, was the last track of Beyonce's 2nd Solo Album "B'day".

Resentment Lyrics

I wish I could believe you then I'll be alright
But now everything you told me really don't apply
To the way I feel inside
Loving you was easy once upon a time
But now my suspicions of you have multiplied
And it's all because you lied

I only give you a hard time
'Cause I can't go on and pretend like
I haven't tried to forget this
But I'm much too full of resentment

Just can't seem to get over the way you hurt me
Don't know how you gave another who didn't mean a thing, no
The very thing you gave to me
I thought I could forgive you and I know you've changed
As much as I wanna trust you I know it ain't the same
And it's all because you lied


I may never understand why
I'm doing the best that I can and I
I tried and I tried to forget this
I'm much too full of resentment

I'll always remember feeling like I was no good
Like I couldn't do it for you like your mistress could
And it's all because you lied

Loved you more than ever
More than my own life
The best part of me I gave you
It was sacrificed
And it's all because you lied


I know she was attractive but I was here first
Been ridin' with you for six years why did I deserve
To be treated this way by you, you
I know your probably thinking what's up with Bee
I been crying for too long what did you do to me
I used to be so strong but now you took my soul
I'm crying, cant stop crying, cant stop crying
You could of told me that you wasn't happy
I know you didn't wanna hurt me
But look what you done, done to me now
I gotta look at her in her eyes and see she's had half of me
How could you lie

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Beyonce Fun Facts

  • Beyonce's 6 Grammy Awards is the Most by a Female Performer in a Single Year.
  • Beyonce's Favorite Book is "The Rules".
  • Beyonce Hates to Cook.
  • Beyonce's Favorite Makeup is Mascara.
  • Beyonce's Favorite Actor is Tom Hanks.
  • Beyonce and her Mother Tina Started a Fashion Line Named "House of Dereon", in Honor of Beyonce's Grandmother.
  • Beyonce's First Acting Job, in 2001, was on MTV's "Carmen: A Hip Hopera".
  • Beyonce got into some trouble after inappropriately dancing on the grave of Ulysses S. Grant.
  • Beyonce Loves Popeye's Chicken.
  • Beyonce Loves Butter Pecan Ice Cream.
  • Some of Beyonce's Nicknames Include: JuJu, Moth and Bee.
  • Beyonce has a cat named Master P.
  • Beyonce is Allergic to Perfume.
  • Beyonce was voted number 1 on VH1's 100 Hottest Hotties.
  • Beyonce's favorite rapper is Wyclef Jean.
  • One of Beyonce's favorite songs is "Lovefool" by the Cardigans.
  • Beyonce is managed by her Father, Mathew Knowles.
  • Beyonce competed on Star Search in a Group called Girl's Tyme.
  • On June 24, 2003; Beyonce released her 1st Solo Album, "Dangerously In Love."
  • Beyonce was billed as the 2007 cover girl for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.
  • In 2002, Beyonce starred in the Comedy Austin Powers Goldmember playing the Role of Foxxy Cleopatra.
  • Beyonce won her 1st Talent Show by Age 7 at St. Mary's Elementary School; She Sang "Imagine" by John Lennon.
  • Beyoncé Giselle Knowles was born September 4, 1981 in Houston, TX.